What We Do

We provide a complete range of temporary and permanent operatives across all of the Construction and Engineering industries.

How We Do it

All Sorbet contractors have their skills, qualifications, experience and working mentality verified by an experienced account manager.

Our direct industry experience enables us to ask the right questions so we supply the right contractor, the first time.

Our refreshingly simple but effective approach has allowed Sorbet to become one of the best performing recruitment agencies in the UK.

Areas of Expertise



Electrical & Mechanical

Site Foreman
Approved Electricians
JIB Gold Electricians
Wind Turbine Specialists
Electrical Improvers
Electricians Mates
Electrical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers



Heating, Gas & Oil

Gas Safe Registered Engineers
Heating Engineers
Commercial Verified Gas Engineers
commercial Pipe fitters
Plumbers Mates



Verified Industrial

Industrial Electricians
Industrial Gas Engineers
Industrial Site Foremen
Industrial Mechanical Engineers
Industrial Panel Builders
Industrial Electricians Mates
Industrial Plumbers

Experience and Knowledge

All of our Account Managers have hands-on industry experience. This makes our vetting procedure of contractors and candidates much more in-depth, meaning we find the real professionals, not just anyone with the correct cards.

Direct Communication

Clear communication is crucial. Clear and direct communication through dedicated account managers has been key to our success and why we continue to deliver the right people into the right roles.


Unlike most of our competitors, Sorbet isn’t a team of salesmen. We’re upfront and honest, if we say it, we mean it. Sorbet operates a strict NO BS policy with both clients and contractors and we ask for the same in return. There are no extra hidden charges and we charge and pay fair rates.


Our experienced account managers have verified thousands of contractors from all over the UK.. We also subscribe to the JIB service which assists us in verifying workers' qualifications and work history prior to introduction. Please read one of our case studies of a company who changed agency to Sorbet Recruitment. Click here