Sorbet are Specialists in Construction and Engineering Recruitment.

Sorbet was created to simplify the process of sourcing work for professional contractors.

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Real - Recognises - Real

We’ve all been on the tools we know exactly what it can be like to have to look for the next job. We make sure we keep things simple.

We operate a no BS policy. We're completely honest about the job roles, there are no hidden charges and we have the lowest UTR payment fees available. We make sure there are no surprises, so you’re ready to get started on day one.


Picking the right agency for you

Dedicated Account Manager

Every contractor has a dedicated account manager, they will have experience of your role and industry. Your account manager knows how the site works and exactly what your role requires. Your account manager works to keep you working and will be your first point of contact on the phone.

CIS & UTR Payment options

We process payments for both LTD CIS registered contractors and UTR Sole traders. We are proud to have the lowest payment processing fee in the industry and no hidden fees or charges.


We value all the members of our team and pay competitive rates based on the role. We only employ quality contractors and we ensure that you’re on sites at the best possible rate. Sorbet are nothing without our trusted contractors; you will always be spoken to with respect from someone that has literally worked the role we’re offering.

Sorbet Approved Status (SAS)

All contractors that maintain positive feedback over a 6 month period are then assessed by a Sorbet account manager on site and if successful are given SAS status across our network. SAS status contractors are given the ability if requested to quickly swap you with other SAS contractors working with Sorbet if it reduces travel time for both contractors. Along with preferential status on new roles.

No BS Policy

Sorbet Recruitment has a strict No BS policy that is at the core of our business and influences everything we do. We created Sorbet to fix a lot of the problems that have arisen with most agencies. Your account manager will always be straight and honest with you, so we expect the same in return.

Working for you

We are here to work for you, we make sure you are paid correctly and on time and we always give you the best possible rates. Once you have received positive feedback your account manager will plan ahead to the end of the contract to try to make sure you are never out of work.